Afore Oy

Afore Oy is an engineering company established in 1995. We locate in Turku, about 150 km West from the Helsinki. Currently the company has 18 employees. Afore is a company focusing on MEMS testing. Afore develops, manufactures and delivers MEMS test handlers for testing of accelerometers, gyroscopes and pressure sensors. The provided solutions are meant both for package and wafer level testing of MEMS sensors. In wafer level testing Afore is a pioneer having its first systems built already 15 years ago. Afore is committed to develop new test systems for the demands of MEMS industry. We work in close relationship with Finnish MEMS cluster in test issues.



During the last 15 years Afore has developed dozens of MEMS test systems. Two of these concerns wafer level testing of pressure sensors and one for package level. Due to R&D background (early years) of the company the personnel is well suited for developing new innovative solutions. Afore operates globally. The most of the turnover comes from MEMS testing and it has been between 2.7 and 3.3 M€ in the last two years. 


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