Brio Alphasip Apps is a SME aiming towards the development and integration of chips for fast, reliable and accurate porfigure systems. This innovative technology, with worldwide IP protection, can be applied to diagnose many different biomarkers and diseases in real time, promoting a more personalized medicine and favouring a more precise patient evaluation. Application range from cardiovascular diseases (on clinical trial), to drug of abuse roadside detection system (commercially available). Top class strategic partners such Alpha Szenszor Inc., a USA semiconductor company, licensee of Harvard Spin Off Nantero and research groups such as the CNM – CSIC (Barcelona) and the University of Zaragoza. Brio Alphasip Apps held worldwide exclusive distribution for CVDs field of use on these devices (over 400 patents) and his own platform chip platform. Brio Alphasip Apps is mainly focused in the development of microfluidic chips based on different materials, surface functionalization and system integration that can be used as a basis to develop robust systems optimized for different biomarkers.



Brio Alphasip Apps is focused on the development of a medical diagnostic chip. Brio Alphasip Apps’s technology is a system in a package, being capable of integrating biosensor assays in diagnostics. Brio Alphasip Apps has vast experience in participating and coordinating European Projects and National Research Projects. The Company has participated in FP7, ENIAC and CATRENE proposals focusing on different topics such as Cardiovascular Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Diseases diagnostics, Green Energy, Cancer diagnostics, etc, which has reinforced their expertise in these areas. Within the healthcare sector, Brio Alphasip Apps is currently in a clinical validation for a Cardiac POC which has reported 4 patents in the last 12 months. 


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