The Arkema Group was created in October 2004 from the reorganization of Total’s Chemicals branch. Its three business segments, Coating, Industrial Chemicals and Performance Products, combine coherent and integrated industrial activities, most of which boast either world or European leading rankings, with internationally recognized brands and products. Present in over 40 countries with 15,200 employees, the Arkema Group operates 80 industrial facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, as well as sales subsidiaries in every region of the world. Arkema is a world leader in fluorinated Polymer with its PVDF based Range Kynar and Kynar Flex. It devotes a large R&D effort to develop fluorinated polymers in new energy (Photovoltaïc, Li-Ion Betteries) and smart materials with the acquisition of Piezotech in 2010. Arkema/Piezotech is specialized in the Research, development and production and the development of electroactive fluorinated-based polymers and devices.



Piezotech is a R&D subsidiary of Arkema, world leader in fluorinated polymers. Piezotech benefits from all the up to date technology and expertise for material design and characterization. Piezotech has unique chemical reactors designed for fluorinated polymer development from lab to pilot scale. Piezotech as a patented process and is the unique world producers of electrostrictive fluorinated polymers. Through the expertise developed at the French German Institute, Piezotech has a unique patented process for poling piezoelectric polymers. This allows the design of polymer based sensors with calibrated precise and reproducible response. 


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