Creganna-Tactx Medical

Creganna-Tactx Medical is ranked among the Top 10 global companies in the medical device outsourcing industry. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of minimally & less invasive delivery and access devices for a range of therapies. Serving over 400 companies across 30 countries, Creganna-Tactx Medical's customers include the world's leading medical device and life science companies. Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, Creganna-Tactx Medical has a global operational footprint with design and manufacturing facilities spanning the US, Europe and Asia.
Established in Ireland in 1980 as Creganna, the company initially served a range of industries providing a variety of outsourced engineering solutions. In 1999, the company entered the medical device industry and in 2003 divested its operations in all other industries to focus solely on this sector.
The company has experienced significant growth in the medical device sector since 2000 through a combination of new products, technology and service developments, geographic expansion and acquisitions.
In 2010, Creganna acquired Tactx Medical Inc. to become Creganna-Tactx Medical. The company now operates from a tri-continent network and is ranked among the global Top 10 providers of medical device outsourcing solutions.

Specializing in Minimally Invasive delivery & access devices, Creganna-Tactx Medical provides the full spectrum of services to design, develop and deliver finished medical devices to market. We offer a comprehensive range of outsourced solutions to medical device companies – from clinical and regulatory support to innovative design and reliable manufacturing services.
We are the catheter design & manufacturing partner of choice for the world's leading medical device companies and are acknowledged by the industry as the top-ranking solution provider in a range of MI catheter market segments including PTCA, PTA, EP, Specialty & Niche catheters – Atherectomy, CTO, Vulnerable Plaque, Thrombectomy & GI catheters

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