Fundacja Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii

Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development (Fundacja Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii, FRK) was established in 1991 and its main goal has been to support the development of Polish cardiac surgery as well as to introduce into clinical usage modern technologies of heart treatment, including introduction of first Polish mechanical heart assist prosthesis. For this purpose, FRK, created in 1993 its own Heart Prosthesis Institute, which consistently conducts research and development work related to the Polish artificial heart, biological heart valves, cardiac surgery robots and, recently, development in biotechnologies for heart prosthesis.

Institute’s research is performed within four main laboratories:

  • Artificial Heart Laboratory, focusing on basic, practical and developing research on extracorporeal heart assist devices and heart prostheses, clinical investigation on heart prostheses experimental application, hospitals staff trainings in the field of mechanical heart assistance and new technology in extracorporeal heart and lung support,
  • Biological Heart Valve Laboratory, focusing on technology for biological heart valve prostheses development and production, research on biological tissue preservation technology, experimental clinical investigation on new developed heart valves and tissue products,
  • Biocybernetics Laboratory, focusing on cardiac surgery robotic development,  mathematical modelling for cardiac and vascular surgery support,  basic researches on various theoretical areas concerning the artificial heart, heart valve prostheses laboratory tests and equipment,

Biotechnology Laboratory, focusing on research in cells culturing technology in relation with heart muscle cells treatment, research on technologies of cells and tissue culturing in relation with in vitro biological heart components growing.



FRK’s activities involving funds acquisition, research and development and training comply with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. FRK has obtained the status of Centre of Excellence of New Technologies of Heart Diseases Treatment “Procordis”. FRK has been appointed as the coordinator of the Polish Artificial Heart Program for 2007- 2012 set forth by the Resolution of the Polish Council of Ministers and the main contractor of all developing work within a strategic project run under the Program.

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