Murata (MUR), Finland

Murata Electronics Oy, Vantaa, Finland is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive MEMS sensors. Murata is part of the Japanese Murata Manufacturing Corporation since early 2012. Before the company was known as VTI Technologies Oy. Murata is the leader in automotive low-g accelerometers with 50% market share and is becoming a major player in automotive yaw-rate sensors. Murata is also the market leader in accelerometers for cardiac pace makers with over 60% market share. Besides automotive and medical markets Murata is targeting industrial applications for sensors. Murata’s revenue was over EUR 100M in 2012. Murata has 700 employees. Manufacturing operations are located in Vantaa, Finland.



Murata and the companies its operations have belonged to (VTI, Vaisala) has a long history of pressure sensors for various purposes. Currently, a small size sensor for consumer applications has been designed. Concepts used there can be extended to a still smaller size medical device.


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