PacTech, a group member of Nagase & Co., Ltd., is a leading provider of subcontractor services for wafer level packaging and a manufacturer of equipment for advanced packaging. Since almost 18 years PacTech offers wafer bumping services for high volume production or low volume quick turn out of Nauen (Germany), Santa Clara (USA) and Penang (Malaysia). All three manufacturing facilities have a wafer bumping capacity of 600,000 wafers each per year and are capable of handling wafers up to 300mm. At present the company has about 200 employees.

The business unit “Wafer Level Packaging & Bumping” is providing subcontractor services consisting of wafer bumping with electroless Ni/Au or Ni/Pd Under Bump Metallization (UBM) for wafer level solder bumping for Flip Chip or WLCSP as well as Ni/Pd/Au for wire bonding. Additionally PacTech offers all common backend services like AOI, BCB Repassivation, X-Ray inspection, wafer-level redistribution, wafer thinning, laser backside marking, wafer dicing, chip singulation and tape & reel services.

The business unit “Advanced Packaging Equipment” is manufacturing equipment for the electronic and medical industry. The equipment product line consists of automatic wet chemical lines for high volume electroless NiAu & NiPdAu bumping (PacLine 300 A50), solder jetting equipment (SB2-Jet), wafer-level solder ball transfer systems (Ultra-SB2 300), wafer-level solder rework equipment (Ultra-SB2 300 WLR), and laser assisted flip-chip bonders (Laplace). Those unique and highly innovative manufacturing systems are providing solutions for today’s tasks and challenges in advanced packaging applications.



PacTech is working in the area of electroless metallization processes and solder application either by solder jetting or solder sphere attach/ball drop methods for more than 18 years and is one of the worldwide leading suppliers/providers of those kinds of services. Besides various participations in national and EU funded programs PacTech did many investigations and studies to implement this technology in other industry areas than standard applications of the microelectronic industry. 


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