Silex is an SME with approximately 30 M€ turnover and about 150 employees (>15 PhD, >30 MSc.), Silex is world's first pure play MEMS foundry. Silex business idea is contract MEMS manufacturing of others innovative MEMS products (with volume manufacturing focus). Silex does not have its own products; they are only a manufacturing service provider.

Silex is an innovative leader in new MEMS processes, focus on TSV, 3D MEMS, WL packaging (wafer bonding and thin film technologies), mechanical sensors (surface micromachined and Bulk), long experiences from µ-mirrors and MOEMS (Optical interconnect to fibers etc). Silex has 13 years’ experience of miniaturized pressure sensor fabrication for FDA approved product in MIS heart applications. Silex own R&D activities in Sweden includes collaboration with external partners within our ecosystems of partners.



Silex has experience from 3 on-going ENIAC R&D projects. Silex is a MEMS process innovation leader (#1 pure play MEMS foundry in the word) and has 13 years’ experience of producing commercial MEMS sensor (FDA approved) for guide wires catheters. Silex’s personal has a strong research background in µ-robotics actuators suitable for steerable catheters


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