Journal papers

Kárpáti T., et al., Reliable aluminum contact formation by electrostatic bondingJournal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Vol 25(7), 2015

Ebefors, T., et al., Piezoelectric MEMS: An Overview of Materials, Processes and ApplicationsMEMS Journal, ??, 2016

Rohr, K., et al., Robin Heart Force Feedback/Control System Based on INCITE Sensors – preliminary study, Medical Robotics Reports, Vol 4, page 10, 2016

Conference proceedings

R. Gaasbeek, B. de Jager, Fraction-based input modification for fast SMA-actuation, IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems and Control 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 19-22, 2016 (paper accepted)

A. Kärkkäinen, et al., New MEMS Pressure Sensor Element and Concept for Coronary Catheter30th Anniversary Eurosensors Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 4-7 September, 2016.

Z. Nawrat, et al., Force Feedback Control System dedicated for Robin Heart surgical robot30th Anniversary Eurosensors Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 4-7 September, 2016.

J. Radó, et al., 3D force sensors for laparoscopic surgery tool, DTIP2016, Budapest, Hungary, 30 May - 2 June, 2016.

R. Gaasbeek, R. Mohan, Control-focused identification of hysteretic systems; Selecting model structures? Think about the final use of the model!, Workshop on Nonlinear System Identification Benchmarks, Brussels, Belgium, April 25-27, 2016

R. Gaasbeek, Fraction-model-independent Stability Analysis for SMA-actuatorsBenelux Meeting 2016, Soesterberg, The Netherlands, March 22 - 24, 2016

R. Gaasbeek, SMA-actuated catheter systems, Benelux Meeting 2015, Lommel, Belgium, March 24-26, 2015


R. Zangabad, Mutual-Radiation impedance of circular CMUT cells on a cylinder, 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics symposiumSeptember 18-21, Tours, France.

J. Rado, Biocompatible packaging of vectorial micro force sensors applied in laparoscopic surgery robotsDTIP 2016- May 30 - June 2 2016, Budapest (Hungary)

S. Nik, TEM Microstructural characterization of metOx /Pt/TiO2 electrode template and its effect on gradient free dens sol-gel (100) PZT films5th International Workshop on Piezoelectric MEMS, May 24 - 25 2016, Grenoble (France)

T. Ebefors, Piezo-MEMS Technology at Silex – with Focus on Energy Harvesting5th International Workshop on Piezoelectric MEMS, May 24 - 25 2016, Grenoble (France)

R. Zangabad, Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound transducer (CMUT) for Intravascular Ultrasound Imaging (IVUS),10th International Conference on Ultrasonic Biomedical Microscanning, May 1-4, Bonaire

R. Dekker, Meet Dr. FrankensteinICT.OPEN, 23 March 2016, Amersfoort (The Netherlands)

P. Dijkstra, Prototyping - an Integral Approach, IMAPS Benelux, 28th January 2016, Liege (Belgium)

K. Rohr (MKA EK MFA), Robin Heart Force Feedback/ControlInternational Conference RobMed, 2015, Zabrze Poland

R. Dekker, INCITE IVUS Catheter DemonstratorWorkshop with the STW-perspective iMIT project, 1st December, Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

R. Gaasbeek, title unknown, Medica 2015, Düsseldorf, Germany, November 17-19, 2015

R. Gaasbeek, title unknown, 24 hour meeting 2015, Nuenen, The Netherlands, November 5, 2015

R. Dekker, Heart on a Chip, a marriage between cell biology and microfabricationPersonalized Medicine and Health Research, 4th November 2015, Amersfoort (The Netherlands)

R. Dekker, From Chips in Organs to Organ-on-ChipSemicon Europe, 7 Oktober 2015, Dresden (Germany)

R. Dekker, From Chips for the Living to Living ChipsEuromat Conference, 23th September 2015, Warsaw (Poland)

M. Rimskog, J.Liljeholm, T. Ebefors (Silex), Introducing new materials in a foundry environment, invited presentation at: Transducers2015- June 25 2015, Anchorage (Alaska)

R. Dekker, From Chips for the Living to Living ChipsInternational Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 26th May 2015, Lisbon (Portugal)

M. Rimskog MEMS Sensors and Energy Harvesting: an IoT Game Changer through MEMS Integration and Advanced Materials, at the MEPTEC Internet of Things and 13th annual MEMS technology Symposium event, 20th May 2015, San Jose (CA-USA)

R. Dekker, Smart Flexible Sensors for In Vivo Coronary Circulation Diagnostics, The Sense of Contact, 2nd April 2015, Soesterberg (The Netherlands)

R. Dekker, Living Chips – Chips for the Living, invited presentation at: Life Science on a Chip Event, organized by MinacNed, Trade Association for MicroNano Technology, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, 10th March 2015

R. Dekker, Living Chips – Chips for the Living, invited presentation at: Tyndall National Institute Industry Days Conference 2014, 18th Dec 2014, Cork (Ireland)

T. Ebefors (Silex), PZT developments towards high through-put sol-gel deposition with tunable film properties for actuators, sensors and IPD applications in a MEMS foundry production linePiezoMEMS2014- October 28 2014, Kobe (Japan)


Press releases

Silex White Paper - Piezoelectric MEMS: An Overview of Materials, Processes and Applications - December 2016

A chip in the heart to detect pathologies (Spanish) - ChincoDias, June 7 2014

Silex Microsystems Joins ENIAC Project INCITE - June 11 2014

High-Performance of SMA-based Intelligent Catheters - July 18 2014

VTT's technology, miniaturized measuring devices - September 08 2014

Okmetic participates in the INCITE project - September 10 2014

New sensor may increase the number of successful surgeries - Februari 1 2016, which generated a lot of attention in Hungarian press (Figyelo,, WebORVOS)



INCITE newsletter - December 18 2014


Public deliverables

D5.1.3 - Initial dissemination plan

D5.4.1 - Report listing partners interested in standardization of catheter tracking data

D6.1.1 -  Public summary of the project

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